1. Cleaning & Preperation Instructions

  1. Ensure the pipe is clean, dry and free from any contamination
  2. If required, clean the area to be scraped with an approved ElectroFusion welding wipe. Ensure the area is clean and dry prior to scraping.
  3. Mark area on the pipe where saddle is to fit – at least 150mm in length. Scrape the pipe surface. Do not use metal files or emery paper. Scraping should remove a minimum thickness of 0.2mm.
  4. Remove saddle from bag and fit to scraped clean pipe surface. Equally tighten nuts until saddle upper and lower parts join (for saddles with straps, the metal bar has to meet the upper part). For fittings of 180mm and smaller use a deep socket key.
  5. When saddle is properly clamped, follow the operating instructions supplied with the Control Box to complete the welding process. Plasson Saddles can be welded between -10ºc to +45ºc.
  6. Ensure the welding time shown on the Control Box (Fusamatic, Barcode or Manual) is the same as shown on the saddle. Plasson Saddles have melt indicators; these will rise to show that the fusion has taken place. They do not indicate weld quality.
  7. Do not pressurise the system with Branch Saddles or cut the hole in the pipe with Tapping Saddles before the following times have elapsed:


Tapping Saddle, Branch Transition and Balloon Saddle, Tapping Valve:

Diameter Time (Minutes)
40mm - 180mm 20
200mm - 250mm 30

Branch Saddle with outlets of 90mm or greater:

Diameter Time (Minutes)
90mm - 160mm 25
180mm - 250mm 30
Saddles - Section 2

2. Operation of Gas Tight Cutter in Plasson ElectroFusion Tapping Saddle

  1. Assemble and fuse branch fitting as per the socket instruction. Allow the fitting to cool for the correct time.
  2. Ensure the white sleeve is in position by pushing and twisting it into place. Insert the cutter key into the white sleeve and turn it counter-clockwise until the cutter reaches the upper stopper. Remove the cutter key and carry out the pressure test on the branch outlet. Ensure the saddle or branch outlet fitting has cooled sufficiently prior to carrying out the pressure test.
  3. Insert the cutter key via the white sleeve and turn it clockwise until the sleeve shoulder reaches the top of the barrel.
  4. Withdrawing the Sleeve – Turn the key counter-clockwise until the cutter reaches the upper stopper. Remove the cutter key and twist the white sleeve to remove it.
  5. Tighten the cap until it is firmly locked. Note: The cap can be opened only by using a pipe wrench.
Saddles - Section 3

3. Operation of Cutter in Plasson ElectroFusion Tapping Valve

  1. Follow the Saddle Installation Instructions as shown in the ‘Cleaning & Preparation Instructions’below.
  2. Carry out the branch outlet pressure test (follow the installation company procedures) after the following cooling time has elapsed:
Diameter Time (Minutes)
40mm - 180mm 20
200mm - 250mm 30

3. To perform the tapping, turn the spindle* clockwise until a resistance is felt and keep turning until the resistance drops significantly (the tapping through the pip is now done), keep turning until a second resistance is felt, the valve is now closed.

4. To open the valve, turn the spindle counterclockwise to the valve top position ( a significant resistance will be felt at this point) and turn back about 1/2 a turn.

Note: The number of turns between closed and fully open positions is approximately 32.

*Spindle dimension is 14mm square, use a suitable spanner