Pipe Conversion Chart

The basic fitting is a dedicated product for joining metric MDPE pipe. It will securely join the pipe without any additional components. However, for the purpose of WRAS approval, a plastic liner is used which is pushed into the pipe.

The fitting can be regarded as "Push Fit" as it is possible to simply loosen the nut, push it together and tighten.

The fittings can be easily adapted for the use with other pipe materials simply by adding an adaptor. In addition, there are also dedicated imperial to metric fittings.

Plasson offers a full range of adaptors to provide exceptional adaptability.

MDPE Metric U-PVC Galvanised Steel Lead Pipe LD Class C HD Class C Normal Gauge Heavy Gauge Imperial U-PVC Table X and Y Copper Dedicated Imperial to Metric Fitting HD Class D LD Class D Coupling