Plasson Accessories

Wilson Hall Ltd is a plumbers’ merchant based in Nottingham that specialises in the Plasson range of water fittings and MDPE piping. We choose to focus on Plasson joining systems because they are widely believed to provide the best quality compression fittings in the world.

Plasson have produced over 44 million fittings every year since their beginnings twenty years ago. It is their experience that makes them the leaders in the industry today. Their fittings are made so that they work well in all kinds of field conditions; every product is made using the most appropriate plastic which is why they work so well.

Plasson make pipe inserts, adaptors and tank connectors. Their products prove very popular because they are designed to work in almost all existing systems. Their huge range of sizes and types means that whatever fitting you require it is probably Plasson who will provide it.

At Wilson Hall we provide a large selection of items from the Plasson range, including Plasson compression accessories. Plasson compression accessories are used by industry experts for all sorts of applications including municipal water distributions and mining. [i]

These fittings are trusted to not only be watertight but survive in all weather conditions whether it is icy outside or boiling hot. Their flexibility means that they are used by DIY merchants, plumbers, miners, and agricultural workers. What’s more, by investing in Plasson fittings and accessories you can reap economic benefits later as the chances of system failures occurring is greatly reduced.

Our accessories include everything from wrenches, wrench straps, pipe shears and pipe tape through to lubricants. Strap wrenches simply grip an object via a strap and then are pulled until they grip the object tightly into place. The high levels of friction prevent the straps from slipping.

Another useful tool that we sell are pipe shears and pipe squeeze off tools. As with all the Plasson range, they are reliable, will last for many years of engineering work, and are easy to control.

If you would have any questions about our range or what would be best for you then phone us on 0115 911 0135 or send an email to