Plasson: A short profile

At Wilson Hall we only want to bring you the best in plumbing accessories, fittings and pipe work. Which is why we bring you one of the world’s leading suppliers of water fittings, Plasson, because we believe that they are among the most dependable and high quality compression fittings available.

Founded in 1964 in Menashe, Israel, by a group of agriculturalists who decided that farming was becoming increasingly more dependent on technology, Plasson was formed to create unique, modern and labour enhancing parts to increase agricultural productivity through the use of injection moulding.[i]

After the sale of some of its shares in 1996, Plasson expanded over to Europe, the USA and Asia establishing firm manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy, America and India.

Now with a firm base in the UK, Plasson have been able to invest heavily in their research and development strategies of their products, creating unique patents which are responsible for the company’s internationally renowned success.

The company now still manufactures an extensive variety of plastic fittings and pipes which are all used in the conveyance of water and other fluids in urban and inner-city infrastructures which include:

  • Mining
  • Landscape farming
  • Industrial
  • Communication lines

Additionally, their more intuitive Electro Fusion and compression fittings offer effective use in community water distribution systems, gas conveyance and wastewater systems

At Wilson Hall, we have chosen to distribute Plasson joining systems as some of the most dependable plastic plumbing fittings due to their extensive research and high quality production.

With more than 550 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of more than NIS 472 million as of 2003, the company’s success speaks for itself.[ii]

Among our website you will find a variety of Plasson fittings including:

  • Compression fittings – offering solutions to connect pipe work for transmitting water and other fluids in various industries whether in urban or inner city areas. The mechanical versions of these fittings are made to withstand various working pressures and incorporate valves to regulate flow.
  • Electro Fusion fittings –Among the most economical Plasson fittings these pipe joints are reliable, durable and easy to use in automated welding cycles that reduce errors in programming.
  • Plasson Push Fit – The newest range from Plasson enables the seamless connectivity of MDPE pipe work to a variety of pipe materials to create a combined seal and grip. Simply fitted with a push to fit capability.

Should you have any questions or need any advice about our Plasson product ranges and their extensive variety of applications then please do not hesitate to contact us – our team of professionals will be more than happy to assist.


[ii]Find the Needle