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Wilson Hall are distributors for all Plasson products.

Wilson Hall Ltd is a Nottingham based Plumbers Merchant specializing in the extensive Plasson range of water fittings and MDPE pipe. Plasson joining systems are regarded as the highest quality, most dependable compression fittings worldwide with 44 million top-quality fittings produced annually.

Plasson Ltd maintains a large quality control operation and the fittings are designed to not only exceed all Standards requirements but to work reliably in the varying extremes of field conditions. Each product is made from the best and most appropriate plastic which is why they have become superior fittings trusted in by plumbers worldwide.

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Today, Plasson is an international company with an annual turnover above N.I.S 473 Million in 2003 and over 550 employees. Its corporate strength is largely derived from the extensive range of plastic fittings.

In 1964 a far-sighted group of agriculturalists decided that as farming was becoming more dependent on technology, they should modernise and enhance their own labour methods.

They decided to use their own knowledge and experience to produce advanced agricultural equipment by injection moulding. And they would call their enterprise Plasson.

Wilson Hall are distributors for all Plasson products.